EMILIANA Serbatoi Diesel Fuel Tank 3000L +Nozzle yakıt tankeri

EMILIANA Serbatoi Diesel Fuel Tank 3000L +Nozzle yakıt tankeri
Fotoğraf: EMILIANA Serbatoi Diesel Fuel Tank 3000L +Nozzle yakıt tankeri
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2.395 €
KDV hariç fiyat
≈ 2.940 $
≈ 11.123 ₺
Tip yakıt tankeri
Üretim tarihi 2017
Hacim 3000 l
Bulunduğu yer Hollanda ES Eindhoven
Ilan tarihi Ara 31, 2017
Autoline ID QD13062
Durum yeni
Ek bilgi: almanca
Farbe: Color
spedition anlieferung und überweisung. Aussen EU nür mit Kaution (MwSt). FESTPREIS. Irrtümer und Tippfehler vorbehalten
Included bottom containment basin for the leaks with 100% of the tank capacity
Electric pump 230V with a flow rate of 50litres/minute
Included mechanical flow meter can be reset to zero and progressive total counter
Rubber pipe with automatic nozzle
Serial number: 62883
Production year: 2017
Empty weight approximately 950Kg
Overall width 151cm
Overall height 179cm
Overall length 248cm
Included Declaration of conformity
Included CE state of compliance
Included Pressure test certificate
Included user and maintenance manuals
In new/unused condition but may have
small damages of transport/storage
Price Eur.2395 (excluded VAT)
All weights and dimensions are approximately
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice and subject to errors
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