MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516 19+1+1 *STOCK* minibüs yolcu

MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516 19+1+1 *STOCK* minibüs yolcu
Fotoğraf: MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516 19+1+1 *STOCK* minibüs yolcu
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50.100 €
KDV hariç fiyat
≈ 58.913 $
≈ 215.686 ₺
Tip minibüs yolcu
Üretim tarihi 05/2017
Yer sayısı 21
Bulunduğu yer Romanya BUCURESTI
Ilan tarihi Eki 16, 2017
Autoline ID PB12554
Güç 160 bg (118 kw)
Yakıt dizel
Hacim 2143 cm³
Silindir sayısı 4
Euro VI
Ikiz lastik
Iç mekan
Yangın çıkışı
Panoramik camlar
Hidrolik direksiyon
Kendiliğinden ısıtmalı Eberspächer
Hava yastığı
Hız sınırlayıcı
Sinyal lambaları
Renk kahverengi, metallik
Ek bilgi: romence
OFFER OF EQUIPMENT 16 + 1 + 1 seats, Mercedes Sprinter 5000 kg.

Thermal and acoustic insulation of the cabin with mineral wool with a thickness of 10 cm.
Equipment with 16 reclining seats + 1 guiden seat approved by the Romanian Auto Registry, auto upholstery with folding armrests to aisle and 3-points seat belts. Travellers entrance is through the front door.
Mounting panoramic windows set.
Panoramic windows set mounted. All spaces resulted when is filled with mastic to stop water infiltration and protects against primer corrosion.
Mahogany decoration to the dashboard and abowe windows
14 mm Tego layered floor, full covered with anti-slip, waterproof and wear-resistant material matching the interior trim.
Seat-mounting metal rails of 4 mm thickness.
Raised bridge on both sides for all seats with aluminum profile LED
Making structural strength in cabin.
Leather upholstery and interior automotive fabrics
Mounted installation lighting installation independent of the car in the passenger compartment with two ceiling lamps with LED lights
Curtains on each window mounted in the passenger compartment
Safety glass exit hatch mounted.
Stainless steel climbing handrails mounted.
Webasto heater mounted in stationary brand AT 2000 power 2kW.
Webasto brand air conditioning mounted , with a power of 10kw.
Air conditioning ducts fitted with individual lights and speakers for each row of seats and luggage rack light. Air duct is prolonged and also for the driver.
Passenger compartment lighting with LED longitudinal profiles on air conditioning duct
Free distribution grids for air conditioning in the upper cooling ducts to enable minibus climatisation when individual passengers grids are closed.
Hoses to the air conditioning and heating system are isolated and fixed with plastic and metal clips.
Welding and screws are soundproofed, and the holes resulting from the passage of heat and air conditioning hoses, and electrical installations, are sealed with mastic.
Luggage compartiment separate by passengers lounge.
Right front door with glass panel and electric drive
            The rear luggage compartment extends deep and the rear part is cut
            NIRA large panoramic glass panes set
            Higher glass windshield skyliner + protection foil
            Retain driver's seat in the same material as the seats
            Mahogany table with support for two glasses
            Set of stainless steel wheel caps 4 pieces
            Set charging socket 12V, 2 left, 2 right
            Dashboard / upholstered board
            Front bumper / spoiler
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