SKY Watch LTX-1 WLL 2500 KG, Max 25 Persons diğer

SKY Watch LTX-1 WLL 2500 KG, Max 25 Persons diğer
Fotoğraf: SKY Watch LTX-1 WLL 2500 KG, Max 25 Persons diğer
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7.500 €
KDV hariç fiyat
≈ 8.165 $
≈ 25.145 ₺
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Tip diğer
Üretim tarihi 2008
Bulunduğu yer Hollanda Groenlo
Ilan tarihi 1 aydan fazla
Autoline ID LR10583
Kayıt numarası 25400
Ek bilgi: ingilizce
Manufacturer: Sky Watch
Typ: LTX 1
Manufacturer Year: 2008
ID. NR. : 25400
Loading / lifting capacity: 2500 kg / Max. 25 persons.
Demountable seats.
Lifting Hook for rappelling.
Also useful for advertising purposes at the bottom of the Sky Watch 6000mm x 2400mm.
All necessary documents and papers.
CE (Declaration of Conformity).
All inspection reports available.
Overige informatie The Skywatch gives participants a magnificent view over your village, a festival or your business environment.
In addition, the Skywatch is a unique eye-catcher which is very suitable for openings and open days.
The Skywatch take a "flight" up to 24 people and with its Capacity of 150 to 200 people per hour the Sky Watch is a very rewarding activity.
Also the Skywatch offers plenty of advertising options: For example, enter your company logo or let your sponsors are literally in the clouds when they see their advertising banners on 70 meters hight
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